Blonde Moments

The Hot Water Heater

After nearly 18 hours of travel time to get here, the only thing I wanted to do (after crying my eyes out), was have a nice hot shower.  THE WATER WAS FREEZING COLD, I’m talking so cold I couldn’t submerge my entire body under the stream in fear of hypothermia.  I had the tap turned every way and on different pressures.  I even tested the sink tap to ensure it wasn’t the shower that was broken.  I called my mom and her words of wisdom: “maybe you’ll come to appreciate the cold showers there” NO MOM, I WON’T.  I had two freezing cold (imagine no heat in the water at all), until one day I walked by a switch near the bathroom that says “heater”, flicked the switch and. . . voila! HOT WATER, STEAMING HOT WATER!  I’ve never appreciated hot water so much in my life.

The Toast

The apartment I am living in comes fully furnished with appliances and utensils etc. But, not a toaster.  I love bread, and what I love more than bread is toasted bread with raspberry jam.  No problem, I’ll Wiki-How “how to make toast without a toaster”.  Option 1: a frying pan.  Sure, why not, I have the frying pan out for eggs already.  It was working perfectly fine until the pan started smoking from the high heat of the stove top.  If you were below my building and looked up to the ninth floor, all you would see out the window is an arm holding a smoking frying pan with a half-toasted piece of bread in it.  Word of advice: it’s very easy to make toast in the oven.

The Washing Machine

See the “W” in this post

Arabic Spelling

Honestly, I was doing quite well with my blonde moments – until recently.  I work with a guy named Said – although his WhatsApp name is spelt “Saeed”.  He told me the spelling “Said” is the French way – he is from Morocco.  I then put my foot in my mouth by asking if then “Saeed” was the Arabic spelling of his name … NO Arabic is it’s own language.  *Face Palm* For the record, Said is spelt سعيد in Arabic.